Tie Rod Replacement: Symptoms of a Failing Tie Rod

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Auto Repair Shop

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The tie rod connects the steering wheel to the wheels of the vehicle. The rod basically serves as the main steering gear of any motor vehicle. There are several different components within the suspension system that are responsible for keeping the wheels properly aligned as you drive on the road. Tie rods are attached to the housing of the wheels in order to ensure that the driving experience is smooth and steady. Because the tie rod is in use every time you press on the accelerator, it wears out very quickly. There are some pretty tell-tale signs that might indicate the need for a tie rod replacement. Here are some of the most obvious ones.

Front End Alignment

If the alignment of the front two tires is constantly off, it’s probably because the tie rods need to be replaced. One of the key functions of the tie rod is to ensure that the car remains straight on the road. If the front end alignment of your vehicle is consistently off, it’s probably because you need a tie rod replacement.

Steering Wheel Shakes

Every time your car passes over a bump on the road, the tie rod is responsible for making sure that everything remains solid within the suspension system. However, if you can notice a slight bit of jittering or shaking in the wheel every time it goes over a bump, it’s probably due to a faulty tie rod.

You can take your car for a tie rod replacement at any workshop that deals in mechanical repairs. It’s a pretty lengthy process, so it will take several hours for completion. You can take your car to Redding Wheel and Brake for a tie rod replacement.

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