Tips On Auto Detailing in Towson From The Pros

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Automobile

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While detailing their vehicle is not something that everybody considers all sorts of fun, it is certainly something that needs to be done. In that spirit, here are a few tips on Auto Detailing in Towson from the pros themselves. Remember to follow all of the tips for a car that is both healthy and happy looking.

  • First and foremost, the experts recommend taking time in the cleaning process. A rushed job is just as bad as not cleaning at all.
  • Use compressed air and a stiff wire brush to rustle up the dirt from the carpets and upholstery. By brushing out the dirt into small piles, it can be easily vacuumed up. The compressed air works perfectly for getting into all of the nooks and crannies of the car.
  • Compressed air should also be used for blowing out accumulated dirt and grime from the ducts and vents of the car. By doing so, that “new car smell” can be retained or brought back.
  • Weekend detailers should avoid using acid-based tire cleaners. Leave these types of cleaners to the pros when Auto Detailing in Towson. This is because they can cause to damage to the wheels and rims if not properly handled.
  • Always wash the car by hand. This gives the owner a chance to familiarize them with every aspect of the exterior of the car. Never use a dishwashing detergent to was the car either. While this is common practice, it can actually strip any wax protectant from the surface of the car and is considered a huge no-no by professionals.
  • Make sure to always wax the car as this provides protection against the elements and also from light scratches that may occur. It doesn’t really matter if paste or liquid wax is used, such choices are simply a matter of personal preference.

They can restore your baby and get it back to looking like it did when it was first purchased, maybe even better!

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