Take Care Of Your Motorcycle Batteries

Many look after their Harley-Davidson like their loved pet. Motorcycle batteries need a lot of nurturing. Even if you buy the battery from one of the best dealers, there are many chances that they reduce their life due to improper maintenance.

Slow discharge or improper charging can be major culprits for low battery life. Here are some tips to avoid your motorcycle batteries die young.

Turn Off Gadgets when Not in Use

There are many add-ons to the motorcycle such as clocks, digital readers, and alarms that consume battery even when the engine is switched off. It may not be a good trick to disconnect the battery because the battery self-discharges when disconnected. It is better to recharge as soon as the battery is discharged.

Clean up the Terminals

The terminals of the battery if exposed can accumulate dust, dirt, and muck. It can cause corrosion when it reacts with moisture in the air. The charging capacity of the battery reduces and damages the battery. To avoid this, clean the terminals and grease them regularly.

Ventilate the Batteries

It is necessary to allow the motorcycle batteries to breathe. The vents must be kept clean. Never allow hydrogen gas that is produced during charging to accumulate because it can be fatal when exploded.

Use Distilled Water

Not all motorcycle batteries are maintenance-free. If you need to refill, use only distilled water. Tap water contains minerals and maybe some chemicals which react with the electrolytes and damage the battery.

Avoid Electrolyte Freezing

The acid in the electrolyte may turn into water and freeze due to infrequent bike usage. Freezing can damage the plates and crack the battery casing. To avoid freezing, keep the battery charged by checking it frequently.

Disposing of Motorcycle Batteries

Disposing of the batteries should be done cautiously. Often manufacturers recommend a method or you could rely on a trusted battery company such as Business Name to scrap your motorcycle batteries. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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