What Is Proper Engine Maintenance?

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Automotive

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The engine in any vehicle is one of the most important components, not only will the vehicle not run; it is an expensive item to repair. To ensure the engine runs as it is designed certain maintenance is required. Most vehicle owners rely on shops that undertake auto repair in Mokena to keep their cars and light trucks running properly. There are a few minor things that the owner can do but a professional mechanic is someone to turn to for engine maintenance, a well maintained engine will add years of trouble free service to it and increase fuel economy.

The vehicle owner can, without any training or unique skills, check the engine oil level. All engines have a “dip stick” which rests in the oil bath in the oil pan, the engine oil adheres to the dip-stick, when it is pulled from the oil bath the vehicle owner can quickly see if the level is correct or whether it is time to either add oil or replace it along with the oil filter.

At the same time as the oil level is checked it is always a good idea to remove the radiator cap and check the coolant level. If there is insufficient coolant running through the engine the chances of it overheating is increased. At worst, the engine can run so hot that vital components such as the pistons overheat and seize up in the engine block.

Although it takes someone skilled in auto repair in Mokena to replace the various belts that run off the engine, the vehicle owner can check their condition. If a belt is seen to be frayed or otherwise worn it will slip on the pulley which can have a negative effect on the alternator and air conditioning.

As the owner runs through these simple observations he or she will periodically notice that fluids, belts, etc need changing. This is when the vehicle should be taken to a qualified mechanic. Many owners actually work closely with the professionals who provide auto maintenance and auto repair in Mokena, setting up a schedule for such work. Regular attention to these requirements will keep the engine running better and will certainly cost less of a major engine repair.

Although routine maintenance is vital to keeping an engine running at its best an in-depth tune-up is periodically required as well. The replacements of small items such as sparkplugs help the engine run better and get better mileage.

A wise automobile owner will ensure that the vehicle is kept well maintained. If you are looking for a one-stop shop that performs routine maintenance as well as auto repair in Mokena you are invited to drop in to VIP Tire & Auto Centers.


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